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Heat and Air Conditioning Repair in Tiffin, Ohio

C.A.R.S. is Helping You Keep Your Car Comfortable Year Round

When you need heat and air conditioning repair in Tiffin, Ohio, choose C.A.R.S. To keep your vehicle’s heat and air conditioning running at peak levels, trust C.A.R.S. in Tiffin, Ohio. Does your car struggle to keep cool during the summer? Do you have trouble getting it to warm up properly during those cold winter months? You may need to have your heating and air conditioning system serviced. You spend a lot of time in your car going to work, school, or elsewhere.

Make sure your car is comfortable for the trip no matter how long or short it is. Call us today at (419) 447-2277 for superb heating and air conditioning services.

Save Your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems from Going Out

When you are on the road, is your heating system only blowing out cold air? Are you only getting hot air when your air conditioning is running? Those are clear signs of trouble with each of those systems. Trust our skilled heat and air conditioning specialists at C.A.R.S. to keep your heating and air conditioning system working effectively.

Know the Signs When You Need Air Conditioning System Repairs

There are several indicators that your car’s air conditioning system may be broken. Our heat and auto A/C specialists can handle these issues and more:

  • The System Makes Unfamiliar Sounds
  • There is a Foul Smell Such as Mold
  • Water is Leaking Into Your Car
  • You have Coolant Stains Underneath Your Vehicle
  • Your Vehicle Air Conditioning Does Not Keep Your Car Cool as It Normally Does

Your Vehicle Could Have Compressor Issues

Your compressor can also impact the functions of your air conditioning system. You will generally notice it if there is an unusual compressor noise. Visible damage, debris, or dirt can impact your compressor. The compressor will not engage when you attempt to turn on the system. The signs include:

  • Low Refrigerant for Air Pressure Maintenance
  • Low Lubricant
  • Blocked Suction Lines
  • Dirty Coils
  • Electrical Problems

Signs of Trouble with Your Car Heating System

It is normal for your car’s heating system to take a little time to get going when you start your vehicle. However, if it has been running for awhile, and the air is still cold, that is a sign of trouble. That issue is generally your heater or coolant. Here are some general indicators that your heating core needs worked on:

  • Your Cabin Fogs Up After Warm Up
  • Your Car Has a Sweet or Bitter Smell to It
  • Your Coolant Level Drops
  • Your Heater Blows Cold Air
  • Your Vehicle is Overheating

Trust the experts at C.A.R.S. when you need help keeping your heating and air conditioning system working. We are your heat and auto A/C specialist.

Count on C.A.R.S. for heat and air conditioning repair in Tiffin, Ohio.